Rolf Disch: Solarsiedlung

The Solar Settlement in Freiburg

Guided Tour Solar Settlement

The Solar Settlement on Schlierberg in Freiburg is a magnificent example of how the Plusenergy breakthrough became available for everyone. The Sun Ship building a spart oft he project was the first commercial Plusenergy building. The guided tour informs you about:

  • The basic idea and history of the development of the Solar Settlement
  • The structural design of the settlement’s houses and the „Sun Ship“
  • The energy concept
  • The traffic planning
  • The financial aspects

Eligibility Requirements
Guided tour for max. 25 people
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Languages: English and German

Fee: 300 Euros plus VAT
School children or students: 200 Euros plus VAT
Weekend surcharge: 100 Euros plus VAT

Sign-up at +49 (761) 459 44 - 36
or at:

The Heliotrope in Freiburg

Interior view of the Heliotrope

Guided Tour Heliotrope

The Heliotrope was the first Plusenergy House worldwide – a quantum leap in solar architecture. The spectacular building rotates with the sun. Mr. Disch’s office provides guided tours about the concept, construction and technology of the house – including a visit inside. The details of the tour are as follows:

  • Structural design and the rotation mechanism
  • Energy concept and the building insulation
  • Supply of heat, hot water and electricity
  • Solar energy, low-temperature-radiant heating, ventilation, heat recovery and earth-to-air heat exchanger
  • Utilization of rainwater
  • Dry composting unit and gray water treatment

… and what it is like to live in a rotating building

Eligibility Requirements
Guided tour for max. 15 people (Bigger groups have to be split up because of limited space in the building.)
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Languages: English, French and German

Fee: 300s Euro plus VAT
School Children or Students: 200 Euros plus VAT
Weekend surcharge: 100 Euros plus VAT

Sign-up at +49 (761) 459 44 - 36
or at:

Penthouse on the Sun Ship (seen from the Solar Settlement)

The Heliotrope at night

Guided Tour Solar Settlement and Heliotrope

The Heliotrope is only a relaxed 5 minutes walk from the Solar Settlement, making a combined tour very easy to arrange. The step from experimental building to marketable, ecological community will become obvious.

Eligibility Requirements
Variant A: Combined tour without inside visit oft he Heliotrope (1.5 hours)
Guided tour for max. 25 people
Languages: English and German

Variant B: Combined tour including inside visit oft he Heliotrope (2 hours)
Guided tour for max. 20 people
Languages: English and German

Costs – Combined Tour A
Fee: 450 Euros plus VAT
School children or Students: 300 Euros plus VAT
Weekend surcharge: 100 Euros plus VAT

Costs – Combined Tour B
Fee: 600 Euros plus VAT
School children or Students: 400 Euros plus VAT
Weekend surcharge: 200 Euros plus VAT

Sign-up at +49 (761) 459 44 - 36
or at:

Single family homes in the Solar Settlement

More Options

You want to combine our guided tours with a visit to the famous Quartier Vauban (of which the Solar Settlement is a part) or other sustainable projects in the Green City Freiburg? We ourselves offer only guided tours to our own projects, but we can arrange a competent external guide for the other spots you might want to experience in Green City Freiburg.

For small groups of up to five people, we can try to arrange a visit of one of the inhabitants and homeowners of the Solar Settlement.

Are you interested in our current projects and the further development of the Plusenergy concept? We could offer you a presentation after the guided tour. You wish an exchange of experience with our architects, want to talk to us about your own planned project? You want to talk to Rolf Disch personally?

Anything else? Just ask and we will try to arrange it and make you an offer.

Sign-up at:  +49 (761) 459 44 - 36
or at:


Rolf Disch explains the Plusenergy principle to minister-president Winfried Kretschmann in the German embassy in Vienna

Booking of Presentations

The interest in measures against climate change is steadily increasing. But it is not easy to filter out well-founded information from the jungle of daily information. For politics and business, municipal utilities, developers, architects, students, and all other interested groups, Rolf Disch SolarArchitecture offers presentations and lectures on ecological building design. Possible topics:

  • Rolf Disch Solararchitecture - Work Report
  • Rolf Disch SolarArchitecture - Current Projects
  • Energy Scenarios - 100% Renewable Energy
  • The Plusenergy House - Concept and Technology
  • Sustainable Settlement Concepts
  • Plusenergy Cities - Plusenergy Regions
  • Solar Commercial and Administrative Buildings
  • Traffic Concepts - Zero Emission Mobility
  • Modular Construction
  • Sustainable Timber Construction
  • Ecology and Economy - Cost / Benefit

Further topics are possible on arrangement. The lectures can take place in the premises of the architecture office or at your place, in Germany and abroad. Lectures can be held by Mr. Disch or members of staff.

Information and booking
Tel. +49 (761) 459 44 – 36

Fees on request.

Harry Lehmann (Federal Environmental Agency) talking to Rolf Disch


26 March 2018, Hasselt (Belgium)
X-Festival “Solar City”
“Pioneering Solar Architecture” (Bert Wasmer)

5 December 2017, Freiburg (Germany)
Delegation Construction Industry Guizhou (China)
“Current Plusenergy Projects” (Tobias Bube)

4 May 2017, Hasselt (Belgium)
X-Festival, University of Hasselt
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9 January 2017, Colmar (France)
Colmar Energie Habitat
„A World Without Exhaust Pipes and Chimneys“ (Rolf Disch)

13 April 2016, Freiburg (Germany)
Delegation Pingtung County Taiwan
“New Projects by Rolf Disch Solar Architecture” (Tobias Bube)

18 March 2015, Freiburg (Germany)
Study tour Grinnell College Iowa
„Plusenergy“ (Tobias Bube)

9 December 2014, Luxemburg
Forum da Vinci, Luxemburg
„Plusenergy – and more than just plusenergy!“ (Rolf Disch)

28 September 2014, Mexico City (Mexico)
Conference “Renewable Energies in Buildings – Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal”
„Plusenergy Buildings in Different Climates“ (Tobias Bube)

24 February 2014 – 28 February 2014, Versailles (France)
Workshop École nationale supérieure d´architecture de Versailles
“Solar Box” - a space for experiencing the sun with all senses” (Bert Wasmer)

7 February 2014, Freiburg (Germany)
Delegation Mitsubishi Electric
„The Future of HVAC“ (Rolf Disch, Tobias Bube)

20 January 2014, Freiburg (Germany)
Delegation Yong In University, South Korea
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19 November 2013, Tel Aviv (Israel)
Conference: Energy Efficiency in Local Authorities and Public Buildings
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26 October 2013, Medellín (Columbia)
University of Antioquia, Medellín
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22 October 2013, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Conference: Energy Efficiency in Buildings
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17 August 2012, Manila (Philippines)
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6 December 2011, Houston (USA)
Conference „The Future of Green Buildings“
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22 September 2011, Oslo (Norway)
Conference Green Building Alliance: Zero Energy building – Utopia or the next standard?
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9 September 2011, Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia)
Conference Ministery of Energy: Energy Efficiency
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18 July 2011, Freiburg (Germany)
Delegation Universidade de Brasilia
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22 October 2010, Pamplona (Spain)
CIBARQ10, the IV Conference of Architecture, Cities, and Energy
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16 October 2010, Freiburg (Germany)
British Academy of Urbanism
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11 October 2010, Maastricht (Netherlands)
Sustainable Building 2010 Congress (SB10)
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10 September 2010, Mexico City (Mexico)
Segundo Foro Internacional de Vivienda Sustenable
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17 – 19 May 2010, Dezhou (China)
Himin Solar, Workshop
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29 March 2010, Beijing (China)
6th International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies
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1 December 2009, Florianopolis (Brazil)
Conference Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina „Energia Solar Fotovoltaica Integrada à Edificação”
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19 June 2009, Beirut (Lebanon)
Lebanon Council for Energy Conservation „Sustainability Week“
„Plusenergy Buildings. The Rolf Disch Experience“ (Tobias Bube)