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Office - Commerce - Industry

Plusenergy works equally well for commercial and office buildings. Energy efficiency and self-sufficiency in renewable energy are also crucial factors in industrial production. Both start with the building, and frequently there are even synergy effects, such as the use of process waste heat for air conditioning. A Plusenergy building by Rolf Disch Solar Architecture is a powerful symbol sustainability and shows that a company takes its responsibility.

At present, Rolf Disch Solar Architecture is working on a building for the lighting technology company te-trade AG from Freiburg. With a height of 48 meters, approx. 7,200 m2 GFA and its solar façades, it has the shape of a tetrahedron, which was designed following the lines of the triangular plot – while the tetrahedron at the same time corresponds to the company logo.

Already under construction is the factory building for Simantke Renn-Tuning with 2,600 m2 GFA in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart. The plots of land for both buildings are in an exposed locations, so in both cases it is crucial that the buildings also give the industrial areas an architectural flagship.

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