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The Heliotrope ®

Das Heliotrop in den Weinbergen

The Heliotrope in the vineyards

The Heliotrope ®

Heliotropic plants have blossoms or leaves, which turn themselves with the rotation of the sun. That is exactly what the Heliotrope building can do! The cylindrical building is completely glazed on the front side, and heavily insulated on rear side. If the open front is exposed to the sun with its special glazing, a maximum of energy and light is allowed into the house. Reverse for the hot summer days, the house will turn its insulated backside to the sun, to keep the home comfortably cool. On the roof of the Heliotrope, you will find a large photovoltaic system that aligns itself with the sun. Vacuum tube collectors on the balcony railings provide warm water and space heating.

The Heliotrope was the first home in the world to produce more energy than it expends: emission-free, CO2 neutral and 100% regenerative. That was the starting point for the further development into the Rolf Disch Pluseenergy House – and a multiple prize winning milestone for climate protection in building design.

Here you find information about Heliotrope guided tours.

The Heliotrope in Freiburg (living room)

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