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Building for Social Purposes

Senior citizens' residence Bürkle-Bleiche (courtyard with biotope)

Senior citizens’ residence Bürkle-Bleiche (façade, partial view)

Building for Social Purposes

Long before the office dealt with issues of energy supply and climate change, it was known for its social projects. Schools, kindergartens, youth centres, sports halls: Is not it a convincing idea today to convey the idea of sustainability to our children by means of, and in the buildings where they learn and spend their free time?

At the same time, society is getting older, and that too is a challenge for architecture. The active seniors belong to the centre of society, and they should live in its centre as well. In addition to concepts for multigenerational housing, senior citizens‘ residences must also be reconsidered, with everything people need for leisure and to nursing. This is not just about the buildings, but also about the urban planning aspects: the involvement of the people in the contexts of the neighbourhoods. After all, it was the older generation that discovered and promoted ecology as a global issue.

In 1996, for example, the senior citizens' residential complex Bürkle-Bleiche in Emmendingen was planned and built according to the requirements of solar architecture.

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Voriges Projekt

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